What we expect in the treatment of cancer in 2024

It is a given that in 2024 there will be particularly interesting developments regarding the treatment of cancer both in treatment and in prevention and early diagnosis.

It is taken for granted that there will be significant developments in the field of cancer therapeutic vaccines. Two large phase III studies with personalized mRNA vaccines and immunotherapy have already begun, but in 2024 scientists expect studies with vaccines in more types of cancer and with a larger number of patients. In fact, it is believed that vaccines containing antigens common to most patients will be tested and will be cheaper and easier to produce. However, other classes of vaccines are also of interest (DNA vaccines, peptide vaccines).

With regard to targeted therapies, interest here has turned to chemotherapeutic drug-conjugated antibodies (ADCs) that have demonstrated in recent years great efficacy in a range of neoplasms. Within 2024, clinical trial results are expected both from already approved such drugs being tested in newer indications and from newer such antibodies. As the number of ADCs under investigation continues to increase, it is expected that these therapeutic approaches will involve an even greater number of patients.

Finally, in 2024, the shift to blood tests for the diagnosis of cancer will be strengthened. The ability to detect circulating DNA of cancer cells in a blood test provides the possibility of both monitoring the results of various treatments, but above all the early recognition of disease recurrence before there are even clinical or imaging findings. Obviously, this technology could also contribute to the early diagnosis of cancer, and this year it is expected to start studies with such diagnostic blood tests for the early diagnosis of cancer.