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The Founder


The I LIVE FOR ME non-profit organization was created in 2010 with the goal to help such individuals and their families to manage the side effects that can seem to take over their daily lives. Our goal is to inform, support and educate on the care that is needed for such patients as well as raising awareness to a greater audience in terms of how this disease can affect entire communities.
In the meantime, we also seek to raise awareness about preventative action that you can implement as reflected in our different campaigns and awareness events. Via our YouTube channel, you can take a closer look at our Internet campaigns that have been put together by our volunteers.

The volunteers of I LIVE FOR ME believe in the value of life and the power we need to overcome both big and small battles on a daily basis. We support the never-ending strength and efforts of people as they take on the challenges of life. In essence, this is what we seek to shed light on via the efforts of I LIVE FOR ME – to bring hope, passion and strength to those in need so that they can override this disease and continue leading a healthy life.


Founder of I LIVE FOR ME